Pursue Health

Our passion is PEOPLE!!!

To help and assist where we can through a holistic approach regarding mind, body and soul and ensure a healthier YOU!!!


The 3 pillars to our business:

  •  Mild Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy

The latest in natural medicine and technology.  Breathing 95% OXYGEN under pressure.  This means that oxygen can go to infected, inflamed areas, revive dying cells, help with healthy blood flow and kick start your bodies natural healing process.  There is so many conditions this treats, from brain injuries, to wound healing, recovering from sports injuries, detoxification in the body, giving you more energy and endurance, to a list of diseases it treats.  Who can use is, from infant to 120.

Noninvasive, very comfortable and safe.  You sit in a seated chamber, it feels like a 1st class seat in a very fancy airplane, to the destination of a healthier you.  Sessions are an hour and you can take your cellphone, laptop, book in or just catch up on sleep.  BOOK YOUR FREE 1 HOUR SESSION TODAY!!!


  • Weight Loss Therapy

Medical based weight loss therapy.  Tailored made to suite your unique individual needs.  Professionally done by a Medical Doctor, Pharmacy and well-trained Consultants.  Doctor request specific blood test and based on the results and your medical history, prescribes our capsules to you.  We have a 95% success rate and lasting results.  You’ll lose weight, feel more energetic and want to live healthier.



  • Counseling

There is no quick fix to anything.  Many problems regarding health stems from something in the mind/soul and we would like to assist and help the total being.  Vanessa has a BA Diploma in Theology with counseling as one of her main subjects and focus.  Her aim is for her clients to be the best version of themselves. 

Vanessa Bouwer
Tel : 011 979-1117
Cell : 082 614 4460