Therapeutic Reflexology

Marinda Nel is a registered therapeutic reflexologist & health therapist offering 27 years of care experience in private practice; 19 years’ experience as an educator of Therapeutic Reflexology; a history of serving on the Johannesburg branch committee and national executive committee of The South African Reflexology Society; developing and presenting Continued Professional Development training.

Her background includes work with paediatric, adolescent, adult, and geriatric patients, with a keen interest in pain relief and digestive disorders. She is well-versed in a broad range of health-related treatments and modalities.


Treatments offered

  • Advanced Foot Care Service
    • general foot care
    • nail trimming
    • cuticle trimming
    • callous & corn removal
    •  ingrown toenail treatment  
    • nail condition treatment
    • Primary foot assessment
  • Therapeutic Reflexology Treatment
    • Meridian Therapy
    • Vacuflex Treatment
    • Vietnamese Facial Reflexology
  • Foot Mobilisation – correcting alignment, foot pain relief
  • Lifestyle Management  
  • Stress Management
  • Relaxation & Breathing Techniques
Healing through touch has the power to profoundly affect body, mind, emotion and spirit.


Therapeutic Reflexology, Foot Mobilisation, and Holistic Therapy is modalities that use non-invasive touch techniques to stimulate a return to homeostasis (balance) in the body.

Therapeutic Reflexology is based on the premise that feet represent a microcosm of the body and reflects all the organs, glands, and body parts. A science based on the principle that there are reflex areas in the feet, which corresponds to all the glands, organs, muscles and tissues of the body. Stimulating these areas with a specific technique creates a deep relaxation, improving circulation and promoting the unblocking of nerve impulses, relieving stress and tension. The body achieves homeostasis (natural balance) and can then facilitate its own natural healing ability to heal itself.

Therapeutic Reflexology Techniques

Different approaches have developed around the world to apply specific finger and thumb pressure techniques on the ears, face, hands, legs and or feet to treat congestion and imbalances in the body.

These pressure techniques stimulate the Central Nervous System (CNS) and cause the body to provide endorphins from the brain which naturally bring down stress levels and reduce the sensation of pain.  This modality is extremely beneficial for a person with pain or chronic illness, or who has to cope with a highly stressed lifestyle.


Foot Joint Mobilisation Therapy has been performed by Allied Health practitioners for decades. Help for painful feet! Dr. Harvey Lampell (founder of Foot Joint Mobilisation and Manipulation) found that by working on the feet, it then allowed the body to correct itself structurally.  For example, by reducing bunions it then resulted in the body being able to straighten the knee and/or hip of incorrect alignment resulting in Arthritis.  By using Foot Joint Manipulation, it was found that most back pain was relieved as well as neck stiffness and sciatic pain and that once treatment was finished the person no longer needed to continue with other treatments.  Thus, the effect of Foot Manipulation can be felt not only locally in the feet and ankle, but also through the legs, pelvis, back and even the head and neck.  Just as your car and tyres benefit from regular wheel alignment your feet and body benefit from regular attention like Foot Manipulation.


The Therapeutic Reflexologist may treat or provide treatment for a diagnosed disease, illness or deficiencies in humans.  To prevent such disease, illness or deficiencies they may encourage their patient to change their lifestyle or advise them to seek another professional opinion.  

In most instances a therapist will work on the foot reflex areas but depending on the condition and preference of the patient they may incorporate two or more areas into a therapy session. Other reflex areas include the face, ears, hands and arms, legs or back.

This means that the therapist can provide a reflexology session uniquely suited to the specific needs of each patient.



There are various case studies recorded at training institutions and websites to prove that this therapy is effective in stress related conditions; depression; bowel disorders; sinus problems; post-operative recovery, illnesses that are caused by emotional, mental and/or physical experiences; sleep disorders;  infertility and other health conditions.

Cancer patients also experience less side effects to their chemotherapy treatment. Everybody can benefit from reflexology, old and young.

Who can benefit from treatments?

Anyone can benefit from Reflexology treatments, regardless of age or sex. However, caution is taken with:

  • Those suffering from thrombosis or internal bleeding as blood circulation could increase
  • Insulin-dependent diabetics as stimulation of the pancreas could increase insulin levels
  • Pregnant females (particularly during the first trimester)
  • Sufferers of phlebitis, lymphatic cancer, leukaemia, osteoporosis and epilepsy. Those suffering from thrombosis or internal bleeding as blood circulation could increase
  • Insulin-dependent diabetics as stimulation of the pancreas could increase insulin levels
  • Pregnant females (particularly during the first trimester)

The effects of Reflexology may not be capable of removing the cause of terminal diseases, such as cancer, multiple sclerosis and Aids, but the person can be made more comfortable and the pain bearable. It can significantly improve the patient’s general condition, activate excretory organs, stimulate the respiratory system and assist in better control of the bladder and bowels. In this way, Reflexology treatments can improve the quality of life.

Reflexologists do not diagnose, treat a specific disease or illness, interfere with medication or prescribe medication. If you have a specific medical problem or complaint, you are advised to seek professional medical help. You should also discuss any problems or complaints with the therapist if you are unsure to continue with treatment for whatever reason.


Practice of Therapeutic Reflexology in South Africa

Therapeutic Reflexology is a registered profession with the Allied Health Professions Council of South Africa.   To practise legally a therapeutic reflexologist must register with the Allied Health Professions Council of South Africa (AHPCSA) in terms of the Allied Health Professions Act, No 63 of 1982. This means that Reflexologists are held to a professional ethical standard.

Medical schemes

From 2016 various medical schemes include Therapeutic Reflexology treatment in their benefit plans.

If a medical scheme does not cover TR treatments, the patient may submit the account and receipt to the scheme to be processed and included as part of their annual medical costs on their Income Tax Certificate.

Please note that this practice is contracted OUT of medical aid. Kindly pay at reception and submit your claim to medical aid for reimbursement.

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