Speech Therapist

Liezl Louw

I am a qualified Speech- and Language Therapist with a special interest in swallowing disabilities.

I had the privilege of studying in beautiful Stellenbosch where I obtained my degree in 2007.

I work with children from the age of 4 years, and I have a passion for adult therapy.

Speech therapy assessments and therapy are done at the office as well as certain schools in the area.

I do Speech therapy in Afrikaans and English.

Speech therapy for children include:

  • Articulation difficulties (incorrect sound production)
  • Stuttering
  • Reading, writing and spelling difficulties
  • Language difficulties- expressing and understanding of a language
  • Phonological awareness difficulties. This includes rhyming; blending and segmentation of sounds; and discrimination of sounds
  • Auditory processing difficulties which includes:


  • Auditory attention—being able to “tune in” to auditory input.
  • Auditory discrimination—the ability to distinguish between different sounds or words.
  • Auditory sequential processing—how many pieces of information one can listen to (receive), store, recall, and utilize. Related to auditory memory. Often tested in terms of digit spans.
  • Auditory tonal processing—the correct processing of sounds or tones; related somewhat to auditory discrimination, but takes it a step further; has a significant impact on language processing.
  • Auditory memory—ability to store and recall auditory information.
  • Language processing—processing the meaning of verbal input. This is not true auditory processing. It is the next step after auditory processing occurs.


I enjoy adult neurological therapy which would be for individuals with 1) Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI); 2) Parkinson’s; and 3) Voice difficulties.

At times swallowing abilities could be affected after a TBI (stroke or car accident) or with Parkinson’s and food consistency as well as postural feeding adjustments are necessary.

Adults with TBI are also treated for language and speech difficulties.

Medico-legal assessments and reports are also done.

Liezl Louw
082 652 7061