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What is the LYNO Method?

The Lyno Method is a complimentary health modality that uses a holistic assessment to identify the areas in the body where unresolved physical and emotional trauma cause restrictions in fascia mobility; the cause of chronic pain and recurring injuries. Our gentle technique, incorporating soft touch with breathing, fully anchored attention and active movement, activates the parasympathetic nervous system, specifically through the Polyvagal Structure and facilitates the release of these fascia restrictions, restoring the neural pathways necessary for optimum function.


Celeste Venter

My name is Celeste Venter, I am certified LYNO Practitioner and a BASI Certified Pilates Instructor.


My journey into becoming a LYNO Practitioner stemmed from my career as a passionate Pilates Instructor.  I started noting that some of my clients kept on struggling with the same recurring injury patterns; and could not progress nor improve in their sport nor their own Pilates practice. 


The pattern that I started to observe would present as follows:

  • The Client would seek the help of health care professionals to alleviate the symptoms and treat the painful area.
  • Various methods would be explored, including but not limited to, hands-on therapy, dry needling, strapping, immobilizing and stretching; to name but a few.
  • The Client would then return to their Pilates practice and would feel so much better.  We would then happily continue to work on their goals in Pilates and their various sports.
  • However, this relief is short lived. We would quickly discover that the client gets set back to square one.
  • Slowly, over time, the same symptoms, the same chronic pain, the same discomfort and the same painful movement patters would emerge.
  • Then the client would start the process over again. With the same treatments being applied to enable the client to return to their movement practices.

As a Pilates instructor this became very frustrating for me. I said to myself there must be a better way to aid my clients.  I had to no idea where to start; so, the journey to finding a solution began in earnest.


One day during a session in the studio, I overheard a conversation between a Client and another Pilates Instructor. This Client explained in great detail the process she underwent to help her with her chronic injury.  She told of her experience with LYNO.


Being a forever student and knowing that I was looking for a way to assist my clients, I asked the Client if I could pick her brain regarding her experiences with LYNO and she happily agreed. We discussed the process of LYNO; how the sessions worked; and how it had changed her Pilates practice.


She was able to train successfully for an extended period of time without the injury reoccurring; and she was also able to advance her Pilates journey even more. She was not able to do this before the LYNO sessions. The Client’s chronic injury had caused an incorrect, imbalanced and twisted movement pattern. Effectively, keeping her body stuck in a locked spiral pattern that she could not train herself out of.


I knew after this conversation that I had the answer to my Client’s situation. I started researching LYNO and decided to start my journey as LYNO practitioner.  This was the BEST decision I had ever made! Since becoming a LYNO Instructor I have helped many of my Clients with their chronic injuries to recover and excel in their daily lives, their individual sport and of course in their Pilates practice as well.


Finding the cause and origin of the injury is key. The Client is taken through a process of unlocking the body through gentle releases.  Also unwinding the body to release the pattern that is keeping the body in its dysfunctional pattern. Retraining of the mind-body connection is then key, to ensure the long-term success for every client.


My goal is to help my clients to reach their full potential, by finding the root cause of their chronic pain/injury and to assist them in restoring their bodies to optimal functionality.


I look forward to meeting you. 

Carrie Knight

Carrie was diagnosed with Scoliosis in 2002. By 2010 the Scoliosis progressed extensively and surgery was required which involved a spinal fusion.

Health professionals suggested Pilates as a low impact recovery and strength training method after surgery.

She developed a passion for Pilates and qualified as a BASI Pilates instructor in 2019. She has been teaching Pilates full time since then.

During her Pilates studies she was introduced to the Lyno Method. Pilates definitely helped with recovery, however additional therapy was required to restore the functional movement of the facia muscles in the body which were restricted by the trauma of surgery and the bodies old memory pattern. This is were Lyno played an important role.

After experiencing the amazing results in her own body, she decided to qualify as a Lyno Practitioner herself and has since completed the required qualification.

Her ultimate goal is to help others achieve the same excellent life changing benefits as she did.


Contact Details:

Celeste Venter & Carrie Knight

Cell:  083 285 6701(Whatsapp only)